January 10, 2018

David Newman Authors Book

David Newman, partner and chair of Gould & Ratner's Intellectual Property Practice, authored a book entitled Patent Neutral: Expanding Use of ADR for Settlement of Patent Disputes at the PTAB.

With the volume of PTAB trials increasing, ADR offers the opportunity to resolve issues in a quicker, more streamlined manner. This focused guide looks at how ADR processes are employed at the PTAB and the important role that the neutral plays in resolving the dispute. Topics include:

  • Development of the use of ADR at the PTAB
  • Applying ADR to PTAB processes
  • PTAB criteria that favor or disfavor the use of ADR
  • Mediation, arbitration, and early neutral evaluation
  • Managing confidentiality issues
  • Use of special masters, and more
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