December 13, 2022

Gould & Ratner Pursuing Mansfield Rule Certification for Midsized Law Firms

As part of a nationwide initiative to foster meaningful change and promote diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, Gould & Ratner is participating in the Mansfield Rule for Midsized Firms.

The firm’s involvement in the Mansfield Rule certification process Is a commitment to consider an intentionally broad pool of candidates for leadership and high-visibility positions within Gould & Ratner.  The initial focus is on new hires, both entry-level and lateral attorneys, as well as teams for new business pitches and continuing client service.  The firm also is committing to greater transparency in its internal governance, particularly in the areas of leadership and promotion guidelines for attorneys, and job duties and selection processes for management roles and committee service.

“Our participation in the Mansfield Rule for Midsized Firms is part of an overall recognition at Gould & Ratner of the value in the collective diversity of experiences and perspectives among our professionals, clients and communities,” said Amy Blumenthal, a firm managing partner and Gould & Ratner’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion officer.  “We are honored to be among a group of select midsized firms across the country pursuing Mansfield certification and even more excited at the prospect of bringing greater focus and measurable results to enhancing diversity and inclusion at the firm and in the legal profession as a whole.”

The 18-month process of Mansfield Rule certification began at the firm in mid-2022.  It involves pursuing specific and measurable objectives to help highlight qualified women, racially and ethnically diverse, disabled, and LGBTQ+ lawyers and professionals who might otherwise go unnoticed for consideration.  The process also encourages law firms to build a pipeline of qualified candidates for future consideration.

The Mansfield Rule for Midsized Firms is administered by the Diversity Lab, an incubator for innovative ideas and solutions that boost diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.  More information on the process and participating firms can be found here.

More information on Gould & Ratner’s commitment to diversity can be found here.