October 17, 2016

What Atlanta Can Learn From Chicago's Transit-Oriented Development


Transit-oriented design, a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use community concept that slashes auto-dependent lifestyles, is gaining momentum in a continually growing Atlanta.

GlobeSt.com caught up with Jessica Lingertat, a partner in Gould & Ratner's Real Estate Practice, to get an outside perspective on the impetus behind the TOD trend in the first part of a two-part interview. 

“In large part, I think transit-oriented development has grown out of a move toward a higher density and more urban nature of development,” Lingertat says. “The current TOD concept is really just a somewhat extreme example of the general historical trend for development to follow along transit lines and expand around transportation hubs.”  

The full interview can be found here.  In part two of the interview, Lingertat discusses the potential impacts and the winners.