April 29, 2020

Executive Orders' Impact on Construction Activities During COVID-19 Crisis

Gould & Ratner has prepared a reference chart to serve as a guide to each state’s stay-at-home executive order, specifically related to construction activities.

Each state has defined construction as either an essential activity/business, thereby granting all construction activity allowable, or has designated which limited activities are considered essential construction.

The below chart contains links to each state’s guidelines and, where applicable, the specific rules that define essential construction. Keep in mind that these are statewide orders, but in some areas (i.e. Bay Area counties, Pitkin County, CO, Boston, MA, Travis County, TX, etc.) there are more strict guidelines in place which further restrict construction activities.

Since executive orders are being updated daily, it’s imperative to visit both the state and local websites for the most updated information. Also note that each state/district may have additional social distancing guidelines that relate to onsite employees.

Click on the chart below to access an interactive PDF.