March 12, 2021

Green Building, Biophilic Design, Passive House Technology and the Environmental Impact

In this fifth installment of our Construction Interview Series, Rich Reizen, chair of Gould & Ratner’s Construction Practice, talks with Tom Bassett-Dilley, Owner of TBDArchitects, about green building and energy efficient design methodologies, including the state of the architectural industry and design focused on sustainability and net zero energy consumption. TBDArchitects is one of Chicago’s leading architectural firms, completing nearly 200 projects since its inception in 2006, ranging from new buildings, to renovations, with the focus on sustainable contemporary designs and an eye toward a project’s region, climate and general use. Notably, TBDArchitects designed the first passive house projects in the Chicagoland area and completed numerous LEED, Green Star and Energy Star/Zero Energy Ready certified projects. Read the full conversation.