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Innovations in the Pre-Fabricated and Modular Construction Sector

Innovations in the Pre-Fabricated and Modular Construction Sector


Gould & Ratner presents the next installment of our Construction Interview Series. As a continued effort to keep our clients informed of new building techniques and processes, we will continue to periodically sit down with leaders at some of the most influential companies in the construction industry to discuss their insights on relevant and pressing topics of interest in the industry.

Patrick Johnson, a partner in the firm’s Construction Practice, recently discussed the creation of PrefabPads as well as new design methodologies in the construction industry focusing on pre-fabricated and modular construction with Peter Seltenright, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of PrefabPads LLC.

Founded in 2022, PrefabPads, is focused on manufacturing and distributing innovative prefabricated homes to the United States under the My Cabin brand. Although the designs are purposely small in footprint they provide the feel of an actual home rather than that of a traditional tiny home or recreational vehicle. The focus is to provide an affordable living space built with high-end materials and a structure that will last.

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