December 7, 2021

Write Like It’s Going Out of Style: How Embracing My Passion Helped My Practice

Writing for pleasure can help you show up for clients. Here are three reasons why everyone should try creative writing.

It’s 7:30 a.m., with one school drop-off complete. I power up my tablet and start writing. But my morning is not for briefs, memos, or emails, but rather my “morning pages.” Whether I’m working on my next screenplay, that pesky, never-complete novel, or that how-to book that I never get to, the quiet morning is for creative writing, not work.

This exercise does wonders for my mind-set and jump-starts my day. Plus, it makes me a more interesting person (or so I think). To have goals outside of work is not a mere exercise in self-care. It’s also self-preservation. But it also has an added, surprising benefit: It’s great practice for my practice.

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