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Gould & Ratner Supports the Illinois Prison Project

Gould & Ratner Supports the Illinois Prison Project


Gould & Ratner has a long tradition of pro bono service to non-profit organizations, and the firm dedicates a great deal of time and legal services to them. We are happy to continue that proud tradition by with working with another important organization, the Illinois Prison Project.

Since Illinois has no parole program, prisons are filled with elderly prisoners who pose no threat, but who have no means of getting out other than commutation of sentences. Aside from the moral issues, there is an economic issue as well. Because these elderly inmates often need substantial care, their continued incarceration costs the state hundreds of millions of dollar. The Illinois Prison Project targets this vulnerable population, bringing together pro bono attorneys to work on clemency petitions for individual prisoners, many of whom are elderly veterans.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a threat to prisons throughout the state. As a result, the Illinois Prison Project has expedited filings of clemency petitions to address this immediate concern. Gould & Ratner has been working with the Illinois Prison Project since 2019, but over the past few weeks, the firm has increased support, working diligently to expedite these petitions and speaking to their respective clients almost daily.

The Gould & Ratner team, led by Richard Reizen and Vanessa Tiradentes, and comprised of members of the firm’s various practice areas, including Alison Constantine, Matthew Spinner and Susan Mosteller, are working to finalize petitions and secure the necessary documents to enhance the chances of success.

We are proud to support this worthwhile cause. For more information or to get involved with the Illinois Prison Project, please click here.

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