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An Introduction to the Benchbook and Business Courts

An Introduction to the Benchbook and Business Courts


Vanessa Tiradentes, a partner in Gould & Ratner’s Litigation Practice, served as editor for the American Bar Association Business Law Section’s “The Business Courts Benchbook: Procedures and Best Practices in Business and Commercial Cases.” The publication provides a comprehensive overview and best practices for case management and decision making in U.S. business courts.

The first episode of the Business Courts Benchbook’s new podcast series includes an expert panel with three business courts scholars, Lee Applebaum, Mitchell L. Bach and Judge Clifton Newman. Discussion topics include the origin of Business Courts and the Benchbook, how they became involved in Business Courts and some of the changes litigators can expect to see over the next five years -- including how the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath will impact the operation of business courts and their use of technology.

To listen to the first episode please visit here.

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